Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Z1U Test

Z1U from David McAbee on Vimeo.

Ok, 2011 is officially here (fireworks, screaming, hoops & hollers.) With that said here is the first video of the new year. What does the video mean my wife asks? Nothing. I just got eager to shoot something, so I went into our neighborhood and did a lil mini shoot.
But as for the rest of 2011, fun things are in the near future. First off we have our first wedding of the year coming up in a few weeks in Riverside. VERY EXCITED! Plus I start production of my first documentary called 'Hollywood 2 Hollyweird.' Production starts in February. While also working on that, I am quickly storyboarding my first music video. We should start production of that later this month or beginning of Feb. So lots going on and I am very excited. Stay tuned for more stuff...